Creating custom forms in QGIS – Part 2

Better late than never they say… Anyway, on the previous post I explained how to customize the QGIS edit form using the available widgets depending on your attribute data types. In this post I will continue on how to further customize your form using the Drag and Drop Designer in QGIS (form layouts may look […]


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Online vector and raster converter

Just came across this : Its free and it seems to convert to and from a quite large number of vector and raster formats. According to the statement on their site: MyGeodata Converter allows you to read and write from/to a huge number of CAD and GIS formats – both vector and raster. MyGeodata Converter […]

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STOP PRESS: Someone discovered how to “display a map on a computing device”

No really. They did. Unbelievable right? For years we were trying to do this without success apparently. Otherwise how could you explain why Apple filed a patent request for just that? The “inventors” (honestly, they are called that) in Claim 1 are stating: A method for displaying a map on a computing device, Comprising: storing […]

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Creating custom forms in QGIS – Part 1

One of the things I love about QGIS is its ability to easily create custom forms. Usually without writing a single line of code. The QGIS manual in my opinion doesn’t do it justice, as it only describes this functionality very briefly, so I decided to write a couple of posts explaining the process with examples. […]


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Automatically move cursor into next field using javascript

This is a little script which will move the focus to the next control when the current textbox hits its maximum length. It also handles the strange(or expected?) behaviour whereby pressing <Tab> would ‘jump’ two controls. Code Snippet function moveOnMax(event, field, nextFieldID) {         event = event || window.event;         if (event.keyCode != 9) {             if (field.value.length […]

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ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt

For those of you who never heard Qt, its s a cross-platform application framework used to develop GUI applications software, and its what is used for all the QGIS forms. And now ESRI announced the beta release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt. From the release announcement: ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt is designed to help C++ developers use […]

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How to make your first QGIS custom form on Windows

For a long time I wanted to give a go at creating a QGIS plugin. Nothing in particular, just a ‘Hello World’ plugin or similar so I could understand how the whole QGIS/python thing hangs together. Seasoned readers of my blog may have noticed by now that I mainly (only?) work on Windows OS. And […]

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