Display oracle spatial data on a leaflet map

I wrote previously about how to convert oracle spatial data into GeoJSON. In this post I will take this  a step further and display that GeoJSONdata onto a leaflet map. A note before that though: The main sdo2geojson function return every record on the spatial table as a valid GeoJSON. That’s great, but not enough […]

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The 10 commandments of Egoless Programming

Came across these on various sites and thought I should re-publish. The concept of “Egoless programming” was introduced by Jerry Weinberg in his 1971 seminal book “The Psychology of Computer programming”. All very useful and clever, but I doubt ALL of them doable ALL the time.  Or, are they? Understand and accept that you will make […]

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Convert Oracle Spatial data to geojson

So at some point I needed to convert Oracle Spatial data (SDO) into geojson format. I quickly came across this excellent post from SpatialDB Advisor. Which basically does exactly that. Converts SDO data into geojson. However -as he already states in his post- the function does not support attributes. So based on this original function, […]

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Land Surveyors vs GIS Professionals: What’s all the fuss about?

I was reading the other day the Land Surveying and GIS Revisited: An Unnecessary Drama post in GIS Lounge and I am sorry but I don’t get it. I mean, I agree with what the article says, that it IS an unnecessary drama but I don’t understand why there was a drama in the first place. This […]



So how much does Greek Local Government really spend? Find out on an interactive map

And where else would a better place be, you may ask. If you head over to Diavgeia Spending Maps and after you hit the “It’s all Greek to me” button (Aren’t I a clever boy – get the pun?) you should be able to query spending data for every municipality in Greece for a time […]

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GET SDI Portal v.3.0 – the new(-ish) kid on the block

I wrote about this a few years back and now Geospatial Enabling Technologies (GET) has annouced the release of its latest version of GET SDI Portal. The 3.0 version includes several new tools including: Advanced search tools using descriptive and spatial criteria Saving features in several differen formats (Shapefile, GML, CSV, KML etc.) Adding selected […]

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