One thought on “INSPIRE Metadata Editors – take your pick

  1. Regarding INSPIRE metadata editors, I’m providing the following information about the Geodoc metadata editor tool.

    Geodoc is an online Java-built metadata editor tool which delivers the UK Academic Geospatial Metadata Aplication Profile (UK AGMAP) profile to the academic community for creating discovery and descriptive level geospatial metadata records and geo services. UK AGMAP and Geodoc are both INSPIRE and UK GEMNINI 2.1 compliant.

    Geodoc is accessible via the Go-Geo! portal home page through an authentication service available to only those affiliated with UK academia. This restricted access allows users to create metadata with Geodoc and store records in a local and private directory. This is intended to encourage metadata creation amongst those with concerns over Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), or sensitive data, but wanting to document their datasets for data management purposes. The Go-Geo! service offers support for the creation of institutional nodes, which reveal metadata to only those affiliated with an institution. This functionality can be extended to allow peers within a research group, but different academic affiliations, to create and share metadata amongst themselves for the purpose of project data management. The Go-Geo! portal provides the interface for searching their metadata, but only through the authentication log-in service, which reveals the private node created for this group or institution.

    Geodoc offers a range of tools in support of metadata creation, management,
    publication and data sharing. In terms of functionality, Geodoc delivers a map
    interface to capture bounding box extent coordinates, with pre-defined bounding box
    extents to select for the UK, Great Britain, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; the automation of contact detail information which populates relevant fields for each new metadata record; metadata record validation; edit directory function for storing metadata records; XML export function to aforementioned standards including INSPIRE and UK GEMINI 2; direct links between Geodoc elements and supporting text in UK AGMAP 2 guidelines; and a publication function which allows user to submit records for publication on Go-Geo! or a rivate/institutional node.

    Anyone wishing to access Geodoc can contact Tony Mathys (, or the help desk at the EDINA National Data Centre ( at the University of Edinburgh. A guest account can be created for a limited time.

    Thank you.

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