What was up at the GFOSS Hellenic User Camp

Ελληνική Έκδοση

As mentioned in this previous post, last week I attended and was a speaker in the 1st GRASS and GFOSS Hellenic Users Camp. It was exactly as I expected it – if not better – and met some very interesting people. In spite of being in a slightly remote location and over the weekend, it had a pretty strong attendance record. And probably because of its location (and also the excellent organization and ‘itenary’ of the meeting)  it also had that great community spirit which is so important in the open source ecosystem.

Despite the word ‘GRASS’ in its title, the three day meeting covered a wide variety of topics and applications, from gvSIG and QGIS to Python development and PostGIS and GRASS (obviously) as well as discussions and presentations about the state of GFOSS in Greece today.

In the age of globalization, the ‘international aroma’ to the meeting was given by Manuel Madrid of gvSIG and Markus Metz from GRASS GIS who gave some really excellent presentations.

But if there is one thing to hold out from this gathering would be Manuel’s statement about what the gvSIG project is all about – “Give 100 and ask for 10”. I really think this is a great mission statement which probably holds true for all FOSS projects.

All the presentations should be available shortly in the HellasGI web site. Fear not – Not all will be in Greek (1) so make sure to check them out!


(1) Unless of course you can read Greek so you wouldn’t fear at all


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