Unmanned aircrafts to track informal settlements in Greece

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Unmanned aircrafts used in defense applications will be employed by the Hellenic Mapping & Cadastral Organisation (HMCO), to track informal settlements and buildings. According to the “Ethnos”daily, HMCO has implemented a pilot program designed to use aerial photography from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), to produce high-accuracy mapping.

George Mourtevelis, President of HMCO stated:

“HMCO was granted permission to fly UAVs after almost one and a half years. HMCO is responsible under the law to plan and coordinate a collective effort to provide Greece with a modern and accurate geospatial information framework. But the bureaucracy hampers this work. Up till now, aerial photographs were taken using manned aircrafts provided by the Army Air Force with a cost of of 1835.9€ per hour.”

As an example he said that the full aerial coverage of Pelloponese requires 200hrs of flight time with a cost of 367.180€.

“The new system with a budget of 1.2M€, will help produce cartographic products at a large scale, reducing time and cost of all  public sector projects requiring aerial photography”.  he added.


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