Bing Maps now using Nokia for Geocoding and Traffic Services

The announcement continues by listing a list of countries with noticable improvements including Greece. So -as you would expect- I put this to the test. I have been trying Bing Maps geocoding for various projects in Greece and thus far the results were far from perfect.

For starters, you could never actually type an address in Greek but instead had to use the Latin transliteration. I had to write code, so the user would type the address in Greek and string to be tranliterated back to Latin letters so Bing Maps can understand it! Something that Google maps never had a problem with.

More importantly, apart from the two major cities in Greece, Athens and Thessaloniki, Bing Maps could not find an exact street address but was simply zooming at the begining of the street segment you entered.

But all this has changed now thank god! Users can happily type a Greek address, full with street name and number and Bing maps will zoom to the right place on the map. Still, the actual street labels display in their Latin equivalelents but hey, you can’t have it all – for now at least. So kudos to Microsoft/Nokia for this. I am a happy camper now!


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