Batch Geocoding with Google Maps

Yes, another one of those. Last week I had to geocode a bunch of addresses which were held in a csv file and came across this really handy geocoding utility/page, (which you can download it on your PC) written by Esa. As expected, it takes a list of addresses and geocodes them. Geocoded addresses and coordinates are listed on an output textbox whereas addresses that cannot be geocoded are listed on a different textbox.  Any geocoded addresses are also placed on a map.

The only problem was that I had a whole load more data to go with the address strings and I really wanted an input/output process, where I would take my input csv file, process it and get the original csv plus the lon/lat coordinates.  So I slightly changed the code on the page. The idea is that you have a csv file with your data in BUT the bit that includes the address has a different separator than the rest of the data, e.g. a semi-colon. For example:


Note the ‘;’ between the tel no and the address. The new page will take this list, and geocode it so the end result would be:


You can download the new page here.




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