Creating custom forms in QGIS – Part 2

Better late than never they say…

Anyway, on the previous post I explained how to customize the QGIS edit form using the available widgets depending on your attribute data types. In this post I will continue on how to further customize your form using the Drag and Drop Designer in QGIS (form layouts may look slightly different from the previous post as I now use QGIS 2.2 version).

Open the Layer properties form, click on the Field properties and select [Drag and Drop Designer] from the [Attribute editor Layout] drop down:


To create your custom dialog, you first need to create a ‘category’ i.e. a tab. So  click on the green ‘+’ button and add the label that will appear on your tab.


Now you can start adding fields inside this tab using the right blue arrow. Make sure you highligted the attributes you want to add AS WELL AS the tab name in the right panel for the arrow to get enabled.


You can add more tabs and fields repeating the steps above, as shown in the following screenshot:


And the completed form should now look like this:

The Streets attributes and Photo tabs…


…and the Website tab


Pretty simple- right?



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