Reporting neighborhood problems with a twist

It seems that Greece has just acquired its own flavour of crowdsourced, problem reporting app. is what you would expect from the likes of FixMyStreet and SeeClickFix: On top of a Google map background, users can report problems in their local area so that the Local Council will (in theory) fix them. Citizens on Duty though has an extra feature that the other apps don’t. It also displays thematic data using the “Cl@rity” database, Greek government’s transparency initiative whereby all government decisions and associated costs are published on the web. For now, the only interesting data that you can see on the map is the amount of spending per municipality. Definitely worths a look – but you may need Google Translate as its Greek only!


Thessaloniki By Bus – A crowdsourced Android app

Thessaloniki by Bus is a cool  little  Android app giving real-time information about buses and bus routes in the city of Thessaloniki directly from the bus passengers! It also provides:

  • A personal transportation profile
  • Profile comparisons with other users
  • All the bus routes available on your mobile

The app is a student project designed and developed during the summer of 2011 from RAPPEL team members with the support of the ISAG team of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universtiy of Thessaloniki.  You can download the app from the Android Market