Find your way in Athens during the Special Olympics 2011 with Opti-Trans…

Ελληνική Έκδοση

..especially since the general strikes are over now! Opti-Trans is a European co-funded project and its basically a multi-modal journey planner for navigating through different cities. Currently its only available for Madrid and Athens, with the latter also having a “Special Olympics Edition”. which are currently underway in Athens. The app is available on Android, iPhone and Jave-enabled phones and there is also a online version for that first taste:


Free Greek maps for iPhone

Terra has released a nifty little app for iPhone named LiveMap, providing detail maps at building level for more than 600 Greek cities along with the ‘usual functionality’ such as address and Point of Interest search, along with some really useful search features such as:

  • Pharmacies on duty for over 60 Greek cities
  • Hospitals on duty, for Athens and Thessaloniki, ordered by medical specialty
  • Fuel prices for about 4,000 fuel stations throughout Greece, with hourly renewal.

Best of all its free! For more info have a look at the AppStore